Project Description

Andrée Defois, Managing Editor of Stratégie Grains

With an agro-economics degree from the Institut National Agronomique de Paris-Grignon, in which she specialised in world commodity markets, Andrée is now the president of Tallage. She founded the company in 1993 and was previously at the helm of the “Research/Cereal markets” department of Louis-Dreyfus-&-Cie in Paris, and provided European market forecasts for the company.

Tallage is specialized in agro-economy forecasting. The company is not involved in any trading or grain production. Tallage provides services to clients all over the world and involved in agricultural production, industry, animal production, trading, shipping, banking, funds, official institutions etc.

The company’s main activities are:
– the publication of Stratégie grains reports (reference for the analysis of grain and oilseed markets in Europe)
– web service with production and trade forecasts updated on a high frequency basis, including a specific module devoted to EU biofuels
– the implementation of targeted economic studies and long term studies on global commodity markets
– consulting and training for business areas related to agricultural commodity markets.